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The Scottish Rite in Georgia supports three primary public charitable activities: to wit: Childhood Learning Disability Centers (RiteCare), post-secondary scholarships, and our children’s hospital. In addition, the Valleys and members contribute to numerous other Masonic, local, and individual charitable efforts, including: the Grand Lodge’s Masonic Childrens Home in Macon, several of the York Rite charities, the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, the Rainbow for Girls and DeMolay for Boys activities, and help for numerous of our own members who are in special need (after all, charity begins at home).

Please note that our main charities concentrate on children – for without children who are both mentally and physically healthy our country and society cannot possibly hope to advance and face the trials of today’s world. We are confident that by assisting our children, they will grown into healthy, intelligent, responsible adults who will lead this state and country in the future, and will themselves not only contribute to the grown of society intellectually and morally, but will care for a new generation of children to carry on our works.

In Georgia, the Scottish Rite is best known for the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital (which has in recent years changed its  name to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, when it merged with Egleston Children’s Hospital). Although the Scottish Rite never actually owned the hospital, it lent its name in some form or another (and still does) since the hospital’s formation as a children’s convalescent center in 1915. The merger allowed the two hospitals to serve more children at a lower cost by doing away with duplicative services.  More than 360,000 patient visits were made to the hospital by children this past year, and approximately $112 million of financial assistance (“unreimbursed care”) was given. Unlike some other charity children’s hospital systems that do not charge for their services, the Scottish Rite does take insurance payments (if available) and expects families to pay on an “as able” basis. This allows more children to receive help — but be assured, as it has been from its start and under the supervision of the Scottish Rite-manned Childcare Committee, “no child is turned away because of his or her inability to pay for the services available.” And unlike others charity institutions that usually only offer limited services as orthopedics or burn  treatment, this southeast regional hospital system is prepared to treat thewhole child (from illnesses to trauma, from birth defects to organ transplants, all children’s medical problems).

No, a Scottish Rite Mason cannot arrange for a child to be admitted to the hospital (as individuals we really do not know what the child’s medical needs are) – the child’s personal physician must do this by referring the child to the hospital or the child must be admitted through the hospital’s emergency room.  But we do partner with hundreds of others to see to it that the all the best medical services are available to the child.  Call Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite at (404) 250-KIDS or visit its web site at for more information.

Closely kin to the hospital is the national system of RiteCare Clinics and facilities, of which there are twelve in Georgia (and we are looking to begin up to five additional ones throughout the state).  These area clinics concentrate on diagnosing and treating visual, hearing and learning problems that  many children experience which keeps them from learning at their fullest capacity. Thousands of children in Georgia can benefit from this service provided at no or lower cost through the Rite and its partners, giving each child a better chance to face the world with today’s challenges.  Financial assistance for these clinics and centers is provided directly by the Valleys and through the Scottish Rite Foundation of Georgia, Inc. In Savannah the facility is located at Georgia Southern University. We are supportive of the teaching program for undergrad and graduate students who train to become therapists and analysts in the field of speech and hearing disorders.




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